CNN Africa World International Women's Day feature

We first came in contact with the Jane Michael brand in the course of this project. Jane Michael Ekanem-one of Nigerias topmost celebrity stylists and fashion entrepreneur-urgently needed to do a feature for CNN Africa luckily for us, she got across to us. It was so short notice that we almost considered dropping the project, but thank God we didn't. Jane proved to be a great client
to work with and always look forward to working with her and her team as she evidence of one who believed in her dream.


School of Styling, Lagos

My team and I had the chance to work on creating the broadcast packet for the School of Styling, Lagos. This was a first of it's kind initiative being hosted in Lagos, Nigeria. It was facilitated by the Jane Michael brand. Jane herself got in touch with me to simply cover the event and send her footage, but we decided to go a little beyond just that.



After covering the event, it now came time to package it and send the content. We couldn't just leave everything bare. So I got to sketching after watching a couple of fashion broadcast templates on YouTube and Envato. I was able to come up with these below


Now, the sketches were imported into Adobe photoshop and used to develop the styleframes that would later be used to create the animations in after effects


All the pieces were finally brought into Adobe after effects and we began compositing the whole thing together. Below is a speed composite video showing the beginning parts of the creation process as well as stills.

Final renders

Here are the final assets renders as well as some screen grabs

School Of Styling Lagos Promo