Fashion trends have gradually evolved through the years and  from experience fashion trends are  really not the thing anyone as  I would like to believe would want to be behind on , and as the years go by it kind of seems like it’s hard to keep up ……………..sigh!

But 2016 appears to be the year of major throwbacks and I as a fashion enthusiast see this as a blessing in disguise …….how you asked ;)

You know those clothes, shoes and even hairstyles we saw our grandparents, parents and other elderly people rock in their days, that at the first glance seemed hilarious like for me I remember going through my parents photo albums and from the high waist denims my mum wore to she and my dad’s afro hairstyles to the palazzos the round glasses and many more I laughed my socks off, but guess who’s laughing now …..My mum for one.

Because people the age of recycling clothes from  the past are upon us, yes guys don’t be deceived by the classes labels and a lot of despicable prices in the name of vintage as a true Nigerian and we are all accustomed to the phrase that “all na packaging’.

With this God sent fashion era, most of my shopping begin in my mum’s old suitcases and sometimes my dad’s as well.

Lucky for me my mum kept up with the trends of then so from the vintage tops, to the block heels, palazzos, kimonos, even denims I stock myself with the actual vintage stuff I call them the ‘authentic stuff’.

I’ll give a few pictures of some of the treasures I dug out my mum’s old stuff that I rock now  that are in todays trends and also some other typical examples of recycled styles that are in now.



I got the pants from  suitcase digging, because apparently pallazos were really in vogue in the 90s but with time phased out. Now it seems to have  made a huge come back and retails usually at a range over 40 USD. Thank God I got mine osho free. 


For a while from 2014 we saw the reign of Aztecs prints and those were huge blowouts but apparently this possibly rekindled the love for prints all together so more tribal/African and Geoprints are making huge waves this year and this I also got suitcase diving, my mum who is a linguist got this in the around the 1970’s while she stayed in Togo apparently this was a rave then and I must say the texture is really beautiful.


I refer to them as patterned shirts because way back then this is what they simply were but now back and style and popularly known as vintage shirts were worn a lot by the likes of will smithespecially during his time on one of the hit TV shows of the 90’s ‘fresh prince of bel air ‘




This is an extremely old trend which has completely taken over 2016 and this trend dates as far back as the 50’s.

As much I can I try to save money while also making sure I remain up to date with today’s trends and anyone can instead of the occasional paying of big bucks for recycled style items why don’t you dust open those suitcases first and get the real vintage stuff and if you’re a suitcase diver like myself feel free to share your found treasures and I’ll gladly repost .

U.F.Oh Yeah- By Ryan Conolly

        And just like that, the guys from Triune Films hit us with an awesome, beautifully shot and editted short film. This is an original short, shot and directed by Ryan Conolly (My film guru by the way). It stars Josh Conolly, who plays the role of an "Extraterrestrial" enthusiast. With this short, FILM RIOT launches its "EPIC SUMMER". For more film making awesomeness, visit and also